If you are thinking of booking, please take a moment to read through the small print. This will help to clarify things before we work together and we've tried to make it as concise as possible. If you have any questions not covered by the terms and conditions below, do not hesitate to contact us. The terms are likely to change over time so if you are asking us to come for a return visit, we advise you to re-read the small print.

Terms and Conditions

1. Confidentiality and Privacy

i. Get Sorted is a personal and confidential service. Client details will not be disclosed to any third party without your written consent. Get Sorted is on the Register of Data Controllers at the Information Commissioner's Office under registration reference: ZA040918.

ii. Any testimonial, comment or photograph provided by clients for publicity will be reproduced only with the knowledge and express consent of the client concerned.

2. The Working Day:

i. The minimum session is a full day (7 hours including a half hour for lunch) unless otherwise agreed with a client beforehand. Any extension to the agreed session will be at the mutual agreement of the client and Get Sorted.

ii. If a full day is booked then it will be charged at the day rate even if the work is carried out within a shorter period of time. The consultant might offer, if necessary and appropriate, to take bags to a recycling centre or a charity shop on the way home and this will constitute part of the contracted working day. Please contact us with regard to our rates or see Prices on the website (under Services).

iii. For longer-term work special rates can be offered. Get Sorted reserves the right to charge extra for research, liaison with auctioneers, charity shops and recycling centres, particularly if working outside their usual area, at the rate of £30 per hour. This will be agreed with the client beforehand.

3. Breaks and Refreshments:

i. De-cluttering work can be exhausting, both physically and emotionally. So to help keep the senses fresh a 5-minute break for a cup of tea every 2 hours or so is ideal with a break for lunch, the length of which will be at the mutual agreement of the client and the consultant. The Get Sorted consultant would be grateful if the client could provide a simple sandwich lunch, teas and coffees.

4. Travel and Parking:

i. Our aim is to keep travel costs to a minimum. Travel costs will be discussed and agreed with the client before the work is undertaken. Travel up to 30 minutes each way - one hour round-trip - is included in the cost of a one-day session. Charges for a round-trip greater than an hour will be discussed and agreed with the client.

ii. Any additional travel or parking expenses such as but not limited to toll charges, congestion charges, meter parking, permit parking, etc will be charged to the client. Get Sorted requests that clients living in a residential parking zone obtain a visitor's pass on behalf of the consultant.

5. Removal of Items:

i. All items to be removed from a client's premises will be at the client's discretion and consent. Disposal will not take place without the client's authorisation.

ii. The client is responsible for any items disposed of in the decluttering process.

iii. Get Sorted will research charities in your area and will endeavour to arrange collection by these charities of large items or a large number of items.

iv. If requested by the client, Get Sorted can advise the client about the removal of large quantities of recyclable items either by the local Council, local Council contractors, social enterprises operating recycling schemes or private companies (see Third Party Suppliers below). Where the organisation charges for this service, Get Sorted will ask the client to book and pay. If Get Sorted is asked by the client to organise and pay for this on their behalf then Get Sorted will advise the client of their charges for doing this.

v. Alternatively, the client may choose to remove the items him/herself, sell them in a car boot sale or over the Internet, which is the client's responsibility.

vi. Get Sorted takes no responsibility for the removal of any items from a client's premises that a third party has failed to pick up.

vii. Depending on the volume of items to be removed a skip may be required. This can be organised by the Get Sorted consultant if they have at least a week's notice but payment must be made by the client. The skip hire remains the client's responsibility for the duration of the hire period.

6. Disclaimer regarding property

i. Get Sorted undertakes to make reasonable endeavours in providing advice and encouragement in the decluttering, organizing and home staging process. Ultimately, it is the client's decision whether to keep items or to let them go.

ii. Get Sorted can accept no responsibility for the actions the client takes on the basis of that advice or encouragement, or their consequences, whether this be at any subsequent or future date following engagement or consultation. The client is responsible for any items disposed of in the decluttering process.

iii. As Get Sorted are not valuers of art or other items of special value or rarity, the client acknowledges on engaging Get Sorted that they, the client accept responsibility for either keeping or letting go of any such items. Clients can either seek their own valuations of items or they can ask Get Sorted to recommend a furniture dealer or a valuer from a reputable auction house. Get Sorted is not responsible for forming any contractual relationship on behalf of the client with a valuer, a dealer or auction house.

iv. At Get Sorted we handle items with care. In the case of accidental damage or loss, howsoever caused, the client acknowledges that Get Sorted will not be held liable for any losses or damages howsoever caused in our engagement.

v. Get Sorted is insured for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity with Westminster Insurance.

7. Payment Terms

i. The charges for our services and travel costs will be levied at the agreed price following a telephone conversation or a free consultation visit. This will be confirmed by email.

ii. Payment is requested at the end of each session for the services and products provided and can be made by cash or a cheque payable to Get Sorted. Get Sorted will provide an invoice or receipt. Clients can make a payment by Internet transfer and Get Sorted reserves the right to ask for the transfered payment to be received before the session.

8. Third Party Suppliers

i. Third Party Suppliers include but are not limited to clearance services and trades people carrying out work on a house being prepared for sale. The client may use trades people known to them. Get Sorted can request quotes from a number of recommended trades people but it is the client's responsibility to decide which supplier to use. The client will form a direct contractual relationship with third party suppliers, and will be responsible for any financial settlements direct with the supplier.

ii. If requested, Get Sorted may coordinate the services and financial settlements with third party suppliers on their behalf, as part of the services undertaken, but the client will remain ultimately responsible for the contractual relationship with the third party supplier.

iii. Get Sorted is not responsible for forming any contractual relationship on behalf of the client.

9. Cancellation

i. Cancellations are sometime unavoidable. However, the client agrees that if they cancel an appointment giving less than three working days notice this may, at the discretion of Get Sorted, result in a charge for any costs incurred. The cancellation charge may be up to 50% of the agreed session value, payable in full within 14 days of the original scheduled appointment.

ii. At our discretion, we may agree to credit this payment against your account if the work is re-scheduled to start within four weeks of such cancellation. Neither Get Sorted nor the client shall be liable for any failure to perform its duties under this agreement due to circumstances beyond its control, including without limitation flood, fire or other adverse weather conditions.

10. Access

i. If you engage us to work at a particular location and access is restricted, we reserve the right to charge for the lost time and our expenses.

We hope that the above has clarified your potential relationship with Get Sorted but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions. We look forward to working with you and we hope and believe that you will enjoy the experience!